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The product job scene is a wild adventure right now, requiring job seekers to arm themselves with a plan. It's essential to dig deep and discover your unique talents and core values to find the perfect work environment to grow and thrive in.

Coaching You to Product Career Success

Having a coach to guide you through a significant life goal gifts you an 80% increase your self-confidence 

Mentorship from a coach gives you a 72% improvement in your  communication skills

The skills learned during a coaching engagement carry forward a 67% improvement in your  work-life balance

our purpose is to

Empower you, as a product professional, to break status quo and align your career with your core values

Shape a brighter future for product professionals everywhere

Build a relationship to understand your aspirations and help you reach your full potential

Provide the guidance and transformational tools you need


We are here to create a game plan with you...

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Gabrielle Hayes


Hey! I'm the creative maverick behind the creation of a Product Career Empowerment Firm. 

I refuse to accept, "Because" as an answer to why things aren't done efficiently & empathetically.

I'm someone who has experienced profound loss, embraced innovation, and learned the true value of advocating for myself.

In April 2018 I welcomed my second son to this world. But life had its own plans. I experienced the unimaginable pain of losing my child—a loss that shattered my world. Yet, within that grief, I found the strength to honor his memory by living a life that truly reflects who I am & chasing YES!

Did you stumble into the world of Product Management by accident like I did? 🤪

It took me over a decade & several career pivots, but I eventually found my niche in the Product space! My journey has taken me from surgical assisting 👉 product management where I accidentally landed a role as the 1st product hire for a fintech healthcare SaaS product. Since then, I have built web & mobile products, held roles as a Product Coach & Fractional CPO, while constantly learning along the way.

Who are you without distractions?

It's SO good & the best way to find out who people are at their core! MY ANSWER: I'm a cozy reader and writer who creates environments of love & joy.

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Crystal Corbin


I'm a fierce advocate for psychological safety within teams and refuse to let anyone jeopardize that! 

I firmly believe that a healthy, open work environment is the foundation for extraordinary achievements. No one here will compromise that, I promise.

Product and coaching are life for me. 

I'm your dedicated product professional, making it my mission to ensure teams deliver top-notch products to our customers. I thrive on the dynamic nature of product management, solving complex challenges, and helping teams flourish.

My product career has consisted of me be being a Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Project Manager. I truly enjoy helping teams define their way of working and implementing team agreements that empower them to be successful and self organizing!

By night, I transform into The Liquor Connoisseur

My goal is to educate and entertain. On my YouTube channel, I delve into the diverse world of spirits, offering insightful reviews on various brands and expressions. It's not just about the liquor; it's about the story behind every bottle and the craftsmanship that goes into making it. I find joy in sharing this passion with our viewers and expanding their appreciation for the finer things in life.

Ashley Pham


I'm on a mission to ensure every single product professional knows they have support in their corner. 

I am passionate about supporting individuals on their own journeys of self-discovery, empowerment, and personal growth. 

I am here to be a listening ear for others to help them embrace their true selves and navigate life’s challenges with confidence.

Through the challenges of divorce and breaking free from the grip of extreme people-pleasing, I’ve not only healed but blossomed into a person who deeply loves themselves. Becoming a mother has been a transformative experience that forced me to find the voice I always needed. Each day brings a new challenge and I am constantly healing & growing.

My career has taken me on a journey of learning how to support others through their own transformations as I navigated implementing new healthcare systems, leading operational teams, and saying yes to trying new experiences!

Removing road blocks to enable others to show up authentically and efficiently.